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Fringe Fever

May 13 at 8:30 pm

It’s Fringe Fever at funseek! After atteding the mother of all Fringe Festivals, , the largest arts festval in the world, we can’t get enough! The annual festival takes places annually for three weeks in Scotland’s capital city. What exactly is a Fringe Festival you ask? Read More

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Happy MomME Month!

May 10 at 1:50 pm

You have to wonder if Mother’s Day and even Father’s Day are conveniently dated right before school’s out for the summer. Yup, hate to burst the bubble of your unregularly scheduled candlelit bath this week. But, school’s almost out so make this Mother’s Day (make it a week) count! So how do we recommend you celebrate Mother’s Day? First, take the week off! That’s right, line up a couple of days of fun! At funseek, we’re all about “MomME” Day! Let the countdown begin and let the cocktails, cupcakes (those are for you too), camaraderie flow. We conducted an informal survey of mothers and our findings show that mothers prefer TIME as the best gift. While we can appreciate Virginia Woolf’s, “A Room of One’s Own,” we think quality me time also means making time to celebrate with friends. In other words please don’t hang out by yourself at home. We get you want some me time alone but this is the perfect opportunity for a long lunch, a fun run with friends, and maybe even a getaway, with your gal pals. We love brunch! It’s one of our favorite words in the dictionary. But mother’s day should not be about leftovers made pretty, thankfully with Mimosas. Nope a celebration of motherhood calls for more, drastic fun. We’re declaring May Mother’s Month! Remember school is going to be out soon! Read More